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hithaamaige kolheh nei

Life in Iraq has become impossible, and even more dangerous, and there is now no way to leave here. To the north, west, and east of Baghdad there is fighting, and with so many groups of Shiite militias in the south, it is not safe for us to go there because of the sectarianism that was never here before the invasion. Every day, the Iraqi army is raiding homes and arresting many innocent people. So many dead bodies are to be found at the Baghdad morgue in the days following the mass arrests in Sunni areas. Horror, fear, arbitrary arrests, indiscriminate bombing, killing, an uncertain future — this is the new democratic Iraq.



From Ireland : taking down the Israeli flag in Dublin & a beautiful graffiti in Belfast

If any other ethnic group understand the Palestinian struggle it’s the Irish!

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The things we surrender to when we’re young, we keep surrendering to the rest of our lives.
- Anthony Breznican, Brutal Youth (via quoted-books)

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Peter Beaumont, journalist for The Guardian in Gaza, on the shelling that killed four children playing on the beach [tweet] [tweet] [tweet]

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I just can’t look at any more pictures of dead children , a 6 year girl Jasmine Astal was just killed by israeli strike.

Laying at the hospital bed dead covered with blood , she was wearing a cute short skirt .

she’s the latest among 44 children who were killed ,…


Please share! International media refuses to say any of the names of our dead. We are humans, not numbers!

1. Rashad Yassin, 27, Nuseirat Refugee camp;

2. Abduallah Kaware, Khan Younis;

3. Mohammad Ashour, 13, Khan Younis;

4. Kaware Riyadh, 50, Khan Younis;

5. Mahmoud…


Y’all are always talking about how you don’t have to be Muslim to care about Syria or to care about Palestine.

but then Muslims don’t care when 833 Shia Muslims are killed in Pakistan within 18 months.

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